Mini Curry Turkey Patties with Salad and Lemon Yogurt

There are certain flavors that I REALLY love. Peruse my previous posts, and you’ll discover recipe after recipe with various measurements of chili powder, cilantro, cumin, and – of course – garlic. They’re all spices that yield wonderful recipes with bold flavors, especially when they’re used in concert with one and other, and I love them.

But – every so often – I like to depart from them (almost) entirely.


Behold: My departure

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Super Easy Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken

Super easy slow cooker spicy chicken. The title doesn’t lie. I can’t emphasize enough how A) simple, and B) delicious, this recipe turned out to be. It also happens to be healthy, and if you – like us –  are only cooking for two, it yields a delicious dinner and nearly a week worth of lunches. Of course, it begs the use of a slow cooker, though there’s no reason to believe that you couldn’t do this on the stove top, though if you’re going to head in that direction, you might as well make up a batch of my spicy chicken and rice. This is essentially the slow-cooker version of that recipe.

Author’s note: My lovely wife is the one who discovered, modified and cooked this recipe. She deserves all of the credit.

The end result.

The end result.

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The Best Mac & Cheese I’ve Ever Made

That’s right. I said it. As a side dish for Christmas dinner, I prepared the best mac & cheese I’ve ever made. For real, it was delicious. After gorging themselves on prime rib and king salmon, there were those who still went back for seconds of my mac. In fact, it even earned a nod of approval from a creature that I had only heard of in myth. No, not a Christmas unicorn; a gentleman who proclaimed that he “didn’t like mac and cheese.”

I know. I didn’t know those people existed either. It was weird.

I’ve played with my recipe for a long time. I’ve made plain versions, impromptu versions, versions with crab and sausage, and even a version with hot dogs and pepperoncini’s. Regardless of my method, I’ve learned one thing though all my tinkering: it’s all about the ingredients.


The good stuff: Black Forest bacon, Tillamook and Beecher’s cheeses, and organic fusilli (you know, those twisty noodles)

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Easy Grilled Fish Tacos

Want a crowd-pleasing, easy to make recipe with no frills and layers of scrumptious flavor? Look no further than this hastily-assembled little gem. Thrown together on one of my early (and frequently occurring) “what’s in the fridge?” nights, this has become a mainstay in our household. Whip it up, crack a cold one, sit back, and revel in the deliciousness!


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“To Brew, or Not to Brew…” – That wasn’t the assignment

I’m a highs school teacher, and I can honestly admit the following: I love my job.

I drive to work in the morning looking forward to the day ahead. I love interacting with my students, writing lessons, delivering content, and encouraging them to be their best selves. As a teacher, I take pride in my ability to not only convey curriculum to – often disinterested – students, but also to form positive, healthy relationships with these intelligent young adults.

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Brian’s Awesome Roasted Chicken and Root Vegetables


In this wonderful season of cozy blankets, daylight saving, and blazing fireplaces, cooks like you and I are called upon to create foods to match. In my opinion, nothing says “fall” quite like a simple, hearty roast chicken. This dish takes a little time (about 20 minutes to prep and 90 to cook), but it’s designed to be simple, comforting and delicious. Though it includes both chicken and vegetables, it’s technically a one-pot meal, as most of the mixing is even done in the roasting pan itself. It’s one of my wife’s favorite meals, and if you try it out, it might just be one of yours as well.


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