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The Smokin’ Stout – or – Cupcake Royale Wins!

As you might be able to surmise upon an initial perusal of my blog, I have a deep affinity for both food and beer. I’m sure you can therefor imagine my enthusiasm when we stopped into Cupcake Royale on the way out of Bellevue, and my lovely wife pointed toward case of delectable confections and said “hmmm… I bet you’d like that one.” She motioned toward a platter of chocolate on chocolate cupcakes with the enticing label “Smokin’ Stout.”
The description affirmed that I would, in fact, “like that one”.
The velvety chocolate cake was not only slathered with a  generous portion of creamy chocolate frosting, but also had a smoked- paprika infused caramel (apparently pronounced CAR-mul) filled center.
But whoa, hold up a sec. What at first I thought was just good old chocolate cake was actually a rich batter made with Hilliard’s Stout. Whomever decided to utilize this smooth brew in the creation of this little delicacy should be given a medal, or at least cold beer. It gave the cake a wonderful density which is seemingly only produced by beer-infused batters, and the flavor of the stout served to amplify the already rich chocolate flavor of the Royale cake.
The final, amazing addition to this already wonderful confection was a handful of BBQ flavored potato chips which were lovingly (I’m assuming on that part) crumbled over the frosting.

The final result is a sweet, smoky and savory treat with enough spice to give it just enough zing, and enough chocolate to kill a labarador retriever. satisfy even the most voracious chocoholic.

Mmmm. Writing this makes me want to go get another one!


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