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Krystle’s Roasted Veggies and Pasta

This really should be WE Love Food (and I love beer), as the credit for our tasty meal a few nights ago goes entirely to my lovely wife.
Our wonderful pre-Aziz meal at Tavolata last Sunday not only left us stuffed and satisfied, but also in possession of two small bags of Ethan Stowell pasta, which we used herein.
This recipe is clean, simple and filling, and can be made meat-free… but I’m not sure why you would want to do that. All you need is the following:
-veggies of your choice (we used sliced zucchini, red peppers and onions)
-grape tomatoes
-olive oil
-salt and pepper
-Parmesan as a topper
Toss all the veggies and garlic in EVOO, salt and pepper, and roast them at 350 in the oven for 30 min.
Cook and drain the pasta.
Cut up the pepperoni into bite-sized pieces.
Grate the parm.

Mix it all together, and sprinkle the cheese lightly atop.

Eat. Enjoy.



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