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Fancy Egg Salad Sandwiches

Egg salad reminds me of two things. The first is the wonderful memory of having egg salad sandwiches with my mom. The memory itself lacks a good deal of specific detail; its a nondescript lunch time, on any given day in my childhood, but something about this easy meal shoots me straight back into the kitchen with my mom.

The second thing it reminds me of is that scene from The Office when Michael Scott responds to Oscar offering him an egg salad sandwich on an airplane by saying, “Really? Could you have made something stinkier?”

Granted, any version of this sandwich is probably not ideal for cramped air travel. The version I treated myself to the other day is a little fancier than the egg sandwiches of my youth… but that just means they have a few more ingredients. My heart will always belong to that wonderful ol’ comfort food.


I mixed the eggs and mayo as usual, but added in a couple tablespoons of fresh-chopped basil. I topped that with a slice of smoked prosciutto, and finished it off with a handful of arugula which I had tossed lightly in olive oil and cracked pepper. Finally, I served the whole shebang on a toasted slice of fresh Como.

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