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Hello there.

My name is Brian, and I love food, beer and all things pleasantly gustational. I enjoy cooking, regardless of whether I’m following a recipe, playing with flavors, or just trying to come up with something new. I have also been known to spend the better part of a weekend making my own homebrew, usually while enjoying beer or two with friends.

I live in the greater Seattle area with my beautiful wife, who gets to enjoy my culinary creations on a daily basis, and our dumbass dog, who gets to enjoy the same flavor of kibble twice a day. When I’m not cooking, brewing, creating or writing about all of the above, I’m either positively influencing the bright young minds of tomorrow as a high school English and social studies teacher, or enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wife, pup and those we love.

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  1. menu4blw says:

    Hi Brian, thanks so much for liking my blog. Just starting out so all encouragement is welcome. Also, WOW! Three blogs on the go and teaching. I’m impressed.

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