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Pale Ale: Round 2

Of our first batch of beer, we – as a group – were most satisfied with our Pale Ale. As a result, this smooth, satisfying and hoppy brew has become our go-to beer. This incarnation, which we dubbed “Ogo Pogo Pale”, had a hoppier finish, but smoother feel than our first attempt. The differences were actually the result of the store being out of certain varieties of hops, but the result was a refreshing, satisfying brew.


1 lb Crystal 40

1/2 lb Carapils (Steep carapils and crystal for 20 min at 150 and sparge with cold water)

.5 oz Northern Brewer and 1 tsp. Gypsum at the boil

.5 oz Ahtanum after 30 minutes

1 oz zythos after 50 minutes

1.5 oz Ahtanum after 55 minutes

American Ale Yeast

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