Easy Dinner Recipe

Fresh Pasta with Crab and Lemon

Okay, so the title of the post is a little misleading in that we didn’t actually make the pasta when we made this dish last night. However, we had gone out to eat on Friday at Rione XIII, which is the Ethan Stowell restaurant on Capitol Hill. After our amazing meal over there, the waiter gave us two small bags of handmade pasta as a little going-away treat. It was probably about 8 oz of pasta all told, which is more than enough for a light meal for my wife and I.

Rather going my normal route with pasta, which usually involves hefty portions of meat sauce, my wife suggested that we make a simple and light meal with some crab, fresh parsley and lemon. And it was delicious.

At our local QFC, we found that dungeness crab was on sale, and we ended up with two medium-sized critters (which the gentleman behund the counter was gracious enough to crack and clean for us) for a grand total of $13.50. Two lemons and a bunch of italian parsley is all that it took to round out the meal.

My wife picked well over a pound of succulent meat out of the two beasties, zested a lemon, and rough-chopped the parsly. It was a matter of three minutes to boil the pasta al dente, after which we did a little “mix your own” pasta bowl.

While Krystle went with only pasta, crab, lemon and parsley, I spiced mine up with some of that Olio Dorato (which I’ve mentioned before), some fresh gorund pepper, and a pinch of salt.

The result: a delicious mix of simple ingredients that set eachother off, and rounded off an enjoyable weekend with a great meal!



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