How to Grill Pizza

It’s pizza-grilling season again!

Love, Food & Beer

As I mentioned before, I love pizza, and being able to make my favorite food on my favorite cooking surface, the grill, makes it that much more special. The following is a recipe and a list of (hopefully) easy-to-follow instructions that should guide you through the creation of your own grilled pizza.2013-05-30 19.40.42

There are a few things that you’ll need to make this easy grilled pizza recipe:

·         A gas grill (with narrow-ish grates)

·         Grill spray

·         Pizza dough

·         Olive oil

·         Corn meal

·         Pizza sauce

·         Mozzarella cheese

·         Toppings (I used thin-sliced onions, peppers, and turkey pepperoni for this one)

·         A flat cookie sheet (with no lip)

·         A large grill spatula

·         Food or grill brush for spreading oil and sauce

First, the dough: I have made my own pizza dough, and it can be totally worth it, 2013-05-30 19.10.17but I usually default…

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