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Menu Week: “Let’s try to be healthy this week.”

While it may seem unreasonable, my wife made this simple request following a week that included slow-cooker pulled pork, homemade cupcakes and a comforting but HEAVY sweet-potato hash. So, as I dove into menu-planning, I tried to think of foods that would be light(er), but still delicious and satisfying.
This was, of course, completely undermined by her NEXT request, which was for a dinner of tater tots and grilled cheese.
Oh well, the rest of the week should be better for us… You be the judge.
Planned meals:
1. Grilled cheese and tots
2. Handmade whole wheat pasta with turkey sausage and asparagus
3. (Lighter) chicken posole
4. Awesome enchiladas (with my awesome homemade sauce)
5. Open-faced salmon burgers with cucumber-dill salad



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