Historical Piece of Mind: What’s Thanksgiving?

As you get ready to sit down with family and friends over a roasted turkey with all the trimmings, why not take a few moments to look into the history and tradition of this uniquely American holiday? The following is my hard-researched explanation of the history of thanksgiving. Please enjoy!

Mind of Mr Murphy

What is Thanksgiving, and why do we celebrate it?

The element of this holiday that always confounded me was our celebration of the Pilgrims. We’re all aware of the romaticized, elementary school version of the story: A group of well-meaning and wholly unprepared individuals seek farming assistance from selfless Indians and – after reaping the rewards of their labors – invite those Indians to a feast in celebration. They have buckles on their hats, a hitch in their step, and the freedom of religion that they’d been seeking all along.

It’s like a cartoon… which is usually how elementary school students have that information delivered to them.

Unfortunately for Charlie Brown, the real story is a little more… well… real.

a-charlie-brown-thanksgiving-original1 Also – it’s messed up that Snoopy is feeding bird flesh to a bird… 

The “Pilgrims” were actually a combination of three different groups of people, all of whom left England and Holland for various…

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