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My Perfect (Open-Faced) Steak Sandwich

It’s a little unfair to call an open-faced offering a “sandwich”, considering that connotates a filling contained within two pieces of bread. Honestly, there’s no reason you couldn’t toast up a second piece and mush it down on top of this bad boy, but – having tried that – it makes it *just a bit* too unwieldy to eat in a less-messy fashion. So for our purposes, this sandwich is the best way to go. Piling your filling atop a single piece of crunchy bread lets you heap on the delicious layers, and allows you to cut off one perfect bite after another. Besides, if you want a second piece of bread, just have another sandwich.

You’re going to want one.

The Components:

  • Crusty bread, sliced in inch-think pieces and grilled with olive oil and salt
  • Steak, cooked to your desired doneness and sliced thin. I recommend something simple, but awesome, like flat iron.
  • Goat cheese – a few tablespoons of you favorite kind
  • Balsamic caramelized shallots
  • Fresh arugula
  • Maldon sea salt flakes

The Process:

  1. Place the grilled bread on a plate. Grilled bread gives the sandwich a wide, crunchy base that will soak up the juices as you go.
    • To grill bread, slice a piece of crusty bread about an inch thick, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Place on a preheated grill over medium high heat, and cook each side for 2-3 minutes, or until it reaches a golden brown.
    • Also, you could use a toaster.
  2. As the first layer, crumble a desired amount of goat cheese on the bread. Goat cheese provides just a hint of that characteristic sharp, tart, smooth flavor that is a great contrast to the onions. In a pinch, or if goat cheese isn’t your thing, some shredded extra sharp cheddar will do nicely.
  3. The next layer has to be a healthy scoop of those caramelized balsamic shallots. These provide subtle, slow-cooked sweet and tangy flavor that brings the whole meal together.
  4. The layers of steak come next. I usually go with about 5-6 oz of something tender but simple, like flat iron, sliced very thin and piled in overlapping layers.
  5. Finally, some arugula leaves, and a pinch of Maldon sea salt flakes make for the perfect final touch. The arugula gives the whole thing a pop of green, and lends that peppery, leafy goodness, and the Maldon salt does what Maldon salt does; make it even more delicious.
  6. That’s it. Slice into it, or mush another piece of bread on the top, and enjoy.
Steps 1 and 2: Goat cheese on bread.
Caramelized shallots go next. If they’re still warm from the pan, they’ll melt the cheese a bit as you work.
Slices of steak on top of the cheese
Finally, the arugula and sea salt.
I couldn’t wait. It was super yummy.


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