My (Food and Beer) Philosophy

Food – like beer – needs to taste good.

Just like my homebrew, I believe that creation and consumption of food is something that should be enjoyed.

I know that there are plenty of food blogs out there. I’m not trying to break new ground, and I’m not reinventing anything.

I just want to share my ideas about food and beer, the recipes that I make, and the places that I eat, because – let’s face it – I love food and beer… and wine, and… you get the idea.

In the end, it can’t hurt for me to let people know what tastes good, and to convey that it’s not hard to cook a good meal.



  1. I actually PDF’d several recipes. Yours I will try, not just collect, and so far I am going to try (and admittedly, mess with — but isn’t that what we do?) the Lemon Pepper Chicken, and your salsa. I’m a native Californian who loves salsa but hates tomatoes and have never made my own. Now I have to as the brand of organics I buy was bought out and they screwed it up. So that is in the works for today. You visited my food blog, btw, not my art blog. Best, Kate

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