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Homebrew Recipe: B&G Amber

Some days, you just need to brew something simple. For my brother-in-law and I, two days after Christmas was one of those days.

At the time, I had rencently brewed quite a few beers, including the Red, the WH Honey Ale, and my Holiday Beer, and when I purchased the ingredients for each brew, I had made a point of picking up additional ingredients. what’s mroe, many of the recent extract recipes had called for odd amounts of DME, which left me with a few 1/3 and 1/2 empty bags of various kids of dry extract. I also had about half a pound of Saaz left over from a 16 oz. bag that I had purchased in October or so.

Anyway, with this overstock of ingredients, and a basic need to create something simple, Grant and I set out to make an easy-drinking amber.

We used:

6 lbs DME

1 oz. Saaz @ boil

1 oz. Saaz @ 45 min

1 oz Saaz @ 30 min

1 oz Saaz @ burnout

American 1056 Yeast

Primary for 2 weeks, then bottle for 1 month before cracking the first one.

The result was exactly what we were hoping for. It was a simple ale with an amber hue and a good amount of foam after a clean pour.

Plus it only ran me about 25 bucks for the brew.

Try this one out!


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