Food Grilling Pizza

Cold Weather? Grilled Pizza!

What do I want? Grilled Pizza! When do I want it? All the time!


Last night, when I came downstairs to find that my wife had set out pizza dough to rest, I actually pulled out my pizza stone and contemplated making up a pie *gasp* in the oven!

I know! The oven?!? What was I thinking? In the immortal words of Hamlet, “what an ass am I”!

I returned the stone to it’s rightful place – the cluttered drawer beneath the oven – and prepped the grill for cooking. Thermometer be damned!

This was the result:


That – my salivating friends – is slow-grilled, crispy, and lovingly topped with marinated mozzarella, a light smear of pizza sauce, cherry tomatoes, and a 50-50 mix of chopped spinach and arugula. Sweet, savory, acidic and delicious!

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