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BBQ Pizza for Dinner!

Hell yeah!!! Grilled Pizza for dinner!20130627_191732

It may seem like we have BBQ pizza a lot, given that I’ve written about it three times in the past three days, but that’s not the case. Like any good thing, it is possible to have too much of it. In fact, the previous two blog posts about grilled pizza (1 & 2) inspired me to make another grilled creation this evening (technically yesterday night, given that it’s actually this morning right now).

This evening, I not only made a effort to grill the pizza nice and slowly, but I also tried to empty the fridge of any leftover goodies… it is Friday after all; I’ve got lots of stuff piling up in there.

Taking those things into consideration, I created what I think is a winning pie: grilled whole-wheat dough, with a tomato-sauce base, a layer of mozzarella, and then the following ingredients spread across the top: orange bell peppers, yellow onion, green onion, turkey pepperoni, grape tomatoes, bacon, and thin-sliced parmesan cheese. This combo was definitely a winner, and it was a great way to use some food that was piling up!

This pizza – like most pizzas – went very well with beer… in this case my Canadian lager.


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